DENIAL By Lisa Renee Jone from The Careless a Whispers Series #1 goes LIVE November 24th

11 09 2015

Source: DENIAL By Lisa Renee Jone from The Careless a Whispers Series #1 goes LIVE November 24th

Review of Forsaken by Lisa Renee Jones

14 07 2015
I received an ARC of Forsaken and it’s no surprise to loyal readers of Lisa Renee Jones’ that she’s written another 5+ star book. There is a reason why Ms. Jones will always be one of my top favorite authors. She writes kickass stories that are supremely well-written with great characters. She gives her readers exactly what they want.

Forsaken is addictive, enthralling, captivating, unpredictable, and intriguing. It’s filled with pain, regret, revenge, angst, mystery, suspense, secrets, lies, heartache, forgiveness, second chances, hot incredible sex, and ultimately… Love.

I was captured from the very first page and kept imprisoned until the very end. Once you start reading this book, Lisa Renee Jones keeps you on a roller coaster of emotions and just when you think you know what is going on, she throws in a twist so unexpected, you have no choice but to keep turning the pages to see how the story develops.

Review of The Baumgartners Plus One by Selena Kitt

27 05 2014

A few months ago I read Meet the Baumgartners and A Baumgartner Christmas and had to read more of these fantastic books. I just finished reading The Baumgartners Plus One and now I am addicted to the Baumgartners! This book has everything a reader wants in an erotic book… angst, romance, drama, passion, love, pure, unadulterated lust, swoon worthy moments, and a great story line with characters that you can empathize with. You feel every emotion that the characters are going through. Selena Kitt’s Baumgartners series is a deep and erotic exploration of love, life and sexuality. A very hot, sexy read!